Top 2 best Washing Machine Under 10000 only || Best Seller on Flipkart || 

(1)MarQ by Flipkart 6 Kg 5 Star Rating Semi Automatic Top Load White,Maroon(MQSA60H5M)

Rs: 6,990/-

 # Semi Automatic Top Load
 # 1350 RPM : Higher the Spin speed,Lower the drying time
 # Number of Wash programs-2
 # 5 Star Rating 
 # 6 Kg 


 # Best-in-class Energy Efficiency:
   Now enjoy savings with each wash.Thanks to the latest 5-star BEE certification,this MarQ semi-automatic top-load washing machine ensures the best-in-class energy efficiency with moderate water consumption.It offers up to 45% more energy savings(when compared to a 1-star rated washing machine) and 30% more energy savings(when compared to a 3-star rated washing machine).

# Deep Cleansing to Make Your Clothes Look Good as New:
  The 1350 RPM Turbo Pulsator Cycle ensures deep penetration of detergent to remove even the toughest of stains and effectively eliminate germs,leaving your clothes looking good as new.

# Remove Toughest Of Stains:
  The InnoWash Turbo Pulsator technology enabled by the 6 findrum and mini-jets simulate a power-scrubbing motion which removes even the toughest of stains with gentle care.

# Intelligent Wash Programs:
  It is equipped with 2 different intelligent wash programs to serve all your washing needs.Use Gentle Wash for light loads,and Normal Wash for medium and hard loads like bed lines, and towels.

# Long Life:
  High-quality ABS material ensures long-lasting durability,making this machine moisture-proof and rust-proof.

# Best-in-class safety:
  Stay safe and secure with this IPX4 tested shock-proof machine.Tested under high-pressure water or moisture leaks in to the electric parts,making it absolutely safe for you and your loved ones.

# Powerful Motor:
  This machine has a 1350 RPM heavy-duty motor which is tested -for endurance and egineered to provide long and uninterrupted service.

# Steady Performance During Voltage Fluctuations:
  This machine has been stress-tested continuosly for up to 2500 houres at extreme voltage fluctuations to ensure its stability under varying voltage conditions.

# Tested for Indian Conditions:
  This machine has been tested to withstand up to 90% humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations ranging from -40' C to + 80' C. It is truly made for India.

(2) Realme TechLife 7 kg Semi Automatic Top Load White,Black(RMSA705NNNDW)

Rs: 7,790/-


# Semi Automatic Top Load
# 1400RPM : Higher the spin speed,lower the drying time.
# Number of Wash programs-2
# 5 Star Rating 
# 7 kg


# Quick Dry:
  Offering up to 1400 RPM spin cycle as well as air dry circulation through the lid,the Realme 7 kg Washing Machine ensures rapid drying even during monsoons.

# Hard Water Wash
  Thanks to its robust programme of up to 35 minutes of the wash cycle for washing and soaking,this washing machine delivers optimal performance even under hard water conditions.

# Low Power Consumption:
  Courtesy of its low power consumption, this washing machine may help you save on power bills.

# Rust-and Corrosion-free Body:
  Built using high-quality plastic,this washing machines outer body is rust-and corrosion-free,thereby ensuring long-lasting performance.

# Robust Motor:
  Powered by a sturdy motor,this washing machine ensures long-term reliability.So,you can use it for many years to come without any hindrance.

# IPX4-rated Design:
  During the long testing process,high pressure jet wwater is thrown at this washing machine to test whether the water seeps into the electric componenets,thereby making sure that it is safe use even around your little ones.
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