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LG 7 Kg 5 star rating and wind jet dry automatic Top load washing Machine Grey, white(P7020NGAZ)

RS- 11,990 or Rs 1,999/month
    15% off

 ^ Semi Automatic Top Load
 ^ 1350 rpm : Higher the spin speed ,Lower the drying time 
 ^ 5 star rating
 ^ 7 Kg

Product Highlight:
 Rat Away Technology:
Integrated with Rate away technology,The LG P7020NGAZ 7 kg Washing Machine comes with a 3 mm sturdy plastic base coated with a rat repellent chemical to protect it from being damaged,thereby enhanching the appliances performance and longevity.

 Wind Jet Dry:
coiurtsey of its wind jet dry function, this washing machine keeps laundry and the interior dry by rotation at high speeds while reducing the moisture left on laundry.As a result,the air inside the tub can circulate to remove water that dries the clothes.

 Multiple Wash Programmes:

This Washing machine is available with four wash programmes, including Gentle,Strong, Normal and Soak to handle a range of fabrics safely and effectively.

 Lint Collector: 

Thanks to its lint collector,this washing machine efficiently captures lint during washing. Therefore,the fabric won't become trapped inside the pipe,resulting in an excellent washing experience.

 Collar Scrubber:

Offering a collar scrubber,this washing machine can clean collars and cuffs effrtlessly,thereby saving you time.

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Whirlpool 7 kg Magic Clean 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Grey(MAGIC CLEAN 7.0 GENX GREY 5YMW)

Rs;- 15,219 or Rs 746/Month
     21% Off

 ^ Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine are ergonomically friendly and provide great wash quality
 ^ 740 rpm : Higher the spin speed,Lower the drying time
 ^ Number of wash programs-12
 ^ 5 Star Rating 
 ^ 7 kg

Product Highlights:

 Hard-Water Wash:
 The Whirlpol 7 kg Fully automated top-load washing machine features a specific hard water wash programme that assures excellent dirt and stains removal even in hard water conditions.

 12 Wash Cycles Superiority:
The 12 wash programmes on this washing machine effetively clean a range of fabrics based on the particular care each one needs,keeping your clothes looking brand new.

 ZPF Technology:
Even with extremely low water pressure,the washing machines Zero Pressure Fill(ZPF) technology quickely and easily fills the tub.Consequently,yopu can take pleasure in a flawless laundry activity.

 Exceptional Express Wash function:
You can rapidly wash your clothes and give your fabrics a deep clean using this watching machine's Express Wash Option.

 Incredible Auto Tub Clean Features:
The impressive Auto Tub Clean function on this washing machine employs water from the wash cycle to clean the machine's inside the tub while also helping to save water.

 Outstanding Magic Lint Filter:
With the help of the Magic Line Filter,Which uses centrifugal force to ensure that lint is removed from the machine,you can safely feed your clothing without worrying that the spots or stains may damage it.
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