Cars and SUV's Owned by Ratan Tata

∆Ratan Tata: The man and his Machines

Ratan Tata- highly respected industrialist. The man who brought us many cars,and transformed Tata Motors. Here are the cars that he owns.

#Mercedes-Benz 500 SL

The Mercedes -Benz SL500 was a hardtop convertible and Mr.Tata was spotted driving the car with its roofs down.This was a left-hand drive car. Click here to see a rare video of Ratan Tata driving this car.

#Land Rover Freelander 

No Range Rovers for Mr Ratan Tata - but he has a Land Rover Freelander, that he uses occasionally for official events.

#Last gen Honda Civic

We don't know if Ratan Tata still keeps this car .But till a few years back, Mumbaikars could occasionally spot him driving the last-generation Honda Civic. The Civic had a 1800cc engine, produced 130 bhp and 172Nm torque.

#Ferrari California

Ratan Tata's Ferrari California is powered by a 4.3 litre V8 and generates 490 bhp and 504 Nm of peak torque. This car is not in production anymore. Ratan Tata was often see in this car in Mumbai.

#Cadillac XLR

He also owns a Cadillac XLR in red . It uses 4.6-litre Northstar V8 engine manufactured by General Motors.

#Mercedes -Benz W124 sedan

There are no pics of Ratan Tata driving or riding in this car. However, he owns this old Merc W124 from the 90s, and this here is a pic of the car parked - probably at his garage.

#Nano EV built by Electra

Electra EV built this custom Tata Nano for Mr Ratan Tata. It seems the EV was given to Mr Ratan Tata for his feedback,as Tata himself had expressed his desire to produce a Nano EV long back.
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