List of 10 Big Companies Owned by Ratan Tata

List of 10 big companies Owned by ratan Tata

1) Tata steel Limited 
   Tata Steel limited was founded in 1907. The revenue is around US$32 billion in 2022

2) Tata Motors limited
   Tata Motors Limited was founded in 1945. The Company's revenue is US$37 billion in 2022

3) Tata Power Company limited
   Tata Power is an Indian electric utility company founded in 1911. The company has market cap of around 74,131 cr

4) Tata Consultancy service
   Tata Consultancy serevices was founded in 1968. The net income of the company is US$4.8 billion in 2022 and the market value is approx 1,215,207 cr

5) Tata Chemicals Limited
   Tata chemicals Limited was founded in 1939 and its headquarter is located in Mumbai, Its market cap is 23,785 cores.

6) Tata Communications Limited 
   Tata Communications Limited was founded in 1986 and the last year's net profit of this company is US$2.2 billion

7) Tata Coffee Limited
   Tata coffee ltd was founded in 1922 and the company's market valuation is around 4,163 crores

8) Tata consumer Products Ltd
   Tata consumer Products ltd has a market cap of around 74,977 cr and the revenue of the company approx US$1.6 billion

9) Titan Company Ltd
   Titan Company Ltd has a market valuation of around 209,774 cr and the revenue of the company is US$3.8 billion in 2022.

10)Indian Hotels Company Ltd
   Indian hotels Company Ltd was established in 1899 and the revenue of this company is US$410 million in 2022.

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