Best Air cooler Under 10,000

(1) Hindware 85 L Desert Air Cooler(Lavender and White, SNOWCREST 85-H)

#Best Seller in Flipkart[36,000+ ratings and 7,000+ reviews]


~ Cooling area:450 sq ft

~ Air Throw:40 ft

~ Height:110 cm

~ Tank Capacity: 85 L

~ Power Consumption- Cooling: 200 w

~ 3 Speed Settings

~ Type: Desert

~ Price: 8,999/-

Product Details:

>High Air delivery:-

 Equipped with a powerful fan, a highly efficient motor,and a smartly designed louver mechanism,this cooler effectively keeps the air in your home cool and comfortable.

>4 Way Deflection:-

 its high performance air deflection system ensures uniform cooling.

>Stylish Chrome Knobs:-

 This cooler's chrome-plated speed control knobs give it a stylish aesthetic appeal.

>Auto fill:-

 the Auto Fill feature simplifies your life by letting you automatically fill this appliance's water tank by attaching a hose to a direct water supply.

>Honey-Comb Pads:-

 fixed to the back grills,these low-maintenance pads ensure balanced cooling.They are designed to absorb dust particles,and are anti-deformative and anti-erosive.

>Water level indicator:-

 This indicator informs you about the level of water in the tank so you know exactly when to refill it.

>Inverter Compatible:-

 Enjoy a stable cooling performance even in case of power cuts.Simply connect to your home inverter.

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(2) ONIDA 75 L Desert air Cooler with turbo Fan technology,Honeycomb Cooling Pads(dark grey,80ZDG)

#Plus F-ASSURED in Flipkart (3,800+ ratings and 710+ Reviews) #13bestseller


~ Cooling Area : 550 sq ft

~ Air Throw: 40 ft

~ Height: 118 CM

~ Tank Capacity: 75 L

~ Power Consumption-Cooling: 190 W

~ 3 Speed settings

~ Type: Desert

~ Price: 8,699/-

All Details:

>Turbo Fan technology:

 This Onida Air cooler comes equipped with Turbo Fan technology that helps to facilitate efficient circulation of air. as a result,you can enjoy a cool and well-ventilated atmosphere.

>Convenient Ice chamber:

 Enjoy an improved cooling performance as this air cooler comes with a separate ice chamber,thus making it easy for you to put ice cubes.

>Efficient Air Throw:

 Equipped with a powerful air throw capacity,this air cooler effectively circulates the air throughout every corner of your home,thus keeping you cool and comfortable.

>Honeycomb Cooling Pads:

 The honeycomb cooling pads resemble beehives,which help to retain water just like a hive contains honey. These cooling pads are designed to absorb dust particles,thereby boosting water retention capacity and enabling rapid cooling.

>Energy Saving Cooling:

 The intelligent design of this Onida air cooler enables it to run at less electric power consumption,thus offering you enhanced efficiency and financial savings.

>Magic Auto Tank Fill:

 Thanks to the magic auto tank fill feature,you can enjoy automatic refilling of this air cooler on time without worrying about it.

>Compatible with Inverter:

 Fill your summer with chilled air and powerfull air,as this air cooler can effortlessly run on your home inverter. As a result,you can enjoy hassle-free cooling even during sudden power outages.

>Effortless Portability:

 Be delighted to use the air cooler in your living room and your bedroom when watching tv or while taking your nap. The fitted castor wheel of this air cooler ensures effortless portability across the home.

>Large Capacity:

 The massive 75 L capacity of this air cooler helps you to store enough water,thus allowing your indoors to remain cool even during extreme weather conditions.

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