Ratan Tata gets A New Electric Nano

Ratan Tata has added a new electric vehicle (EV) to his garage ,a unique, custom nano.

It is made by electroDrive Power train Solution,also known as Electra EV, a Pune based company that provides business EV powertrain solutions.

The Nano is like closing an entry-level hatchback that was "India's most affordable car".

It may start life as a standard, petrol -powered Tata Nano ,but the pre-facelift has been replaced with a 72-volt electronic system owned by Tata tigor EV.

The electronic sedan had a range of 213km from the 21.5k Wh battery,but the smaller Nano was less likely.

Although the Ratan Tata Electric Nano is privately owned ,you can drive one of these compact EVs in Bangalore.

In its own way , electric nanos are making public transport and business activities more sustainable in India .

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